We recognise that starting nursery for children and parents is a big steppingstone; we are here to help support families from the moment you enter our doors, flourishing with you and providing your little ones with the best send off to big school.

We work in partnership to build strong positive relationships with the parents and carers of all the children who attend our nurseries.

There are plenty of opportunities to be involved in your child’s progress at nursery, to meet with staff, network with other parents and become a part of our nursery community.

Key Person

Each child at nursery will have a key person who will support your child's learning and development throughout their time at nursery ensuring that their individual needs are met.

Your child’s key person will nurture your child through new challenges, experiences and opportunities, inspiring their natural curiosity. Developing a special bond with you and your child so you feel safe and confident leaving your child in our care.

Staff will observe your child on a day-to-day basis while they are playing and exploring and will track their development onto our online journal ‘First Steps’. Staff will give you feedback at the end of each session verbally and through our Parent App, which can be accessed from your smart mobile phones. Messages can be sent via the App for staff and parents to communicate through out the day to make it easier for parents who are busy at work.

First Steps is a system that allows you to view your child’s learning through an online App. It is designed to bring you as a parent, closer to your child’s development in nursery. Your child’s achievements will be recorded and displayed in your child’s individual learning journey.

First Steps online journal includes at nursery and home observations, summative reports, next steps, what I have done today photographs and a parent blog to keep up to date with everything happening at nursery including events, newsletters and much more.

Settling in Your Child/Children

Leaving the security and comfort of the family home and coming to a busy nursery can be a very testing time for many children and their parents / carers. Hamond house can arrange for a suitable settling in period, which is designed to meet the individual needs of each child.

Once you have confirmed your acceptance and a holding fee has been received for your child.

We will offer the opportunity for your child to have two taster sessions free of charge, which will last between 2/3 hours. It is recommended that during the first half of their first taster session you stay with your child to discuss any routines, needs or requirements that they may need during their time at nursery.

The second visit we advise parents to try leave the child for one hour with their key person, calls can be made at any time to check on your child. It will also give them the opportunity to familiarize and to adapt to their new surroundings.

During the settling in period with your child you can take small steps back allowing your child to start flourishing.

Whilst you are with your child the child’s assigned key person will spend time getting to know you and your child.

You can decide whichever plan suits you best.

If more visits are needed this can be arranged.

Every child is different; some settle quickly, others may need more time to get used to the changes, but a slow and relaxed introduction into nursery life will be time well spent.

At Hamond House Day Nursery, we will

Integrated Review at 2

An ‘integrated review’ this is information from two reviews is shared between your child’s health professional and their childcare provider.

All children go through reviews to identify and support their development needs. When a child turns two we inform Kirklees health professionals and follow out a health and learning progress review and safety review check. Parents are then invited into nursery when their child turns two to complete an ASQ-3 ages and stages form with their child’s key person. These forms are then kept with in your child’s development files.

This helps to ensure your child’s progress and development stages are identified and, if necessary, any needs are supported.

Parents’ Evenings

This is a organised time slot to meet with your child’s key person to discuss in more detail your child’s development, parents also have a chance to look around their child’s nursery room to see what they have been doing in class along with their child’s art work. You will also be able to go through their most recent assessments and summative report.

Stay & Play's

These are a fantastic opportunity for parents/guardians and grandparents to join in nursery activities with your child. We hold these sessions through out the year celebrating different events. It is also a good opportunity to talk to your child’s key person as well as meeting other parents.

Connecting with our Nursery community

You will have the opportunity to become involved in fundraising events. Parents are always welcome in the nursery to share skills and hobbies or even read a story to the children.

The nursery website, parent app blog, newsletters, our Facebook page and Instagram will also keep you regularly up to date with nursery news and information.