Santa Claus is coming to Heckmondwike

Santa and his elf's are coming to Heckmondwike Town! You will be able to see Santa and his elf driving around the streets of Heckmondwike, with stopping areas for you to have your photos taken. This event is free. However, any donations collected will be for the charity NSPCC. Here is the route of Santa Journey and his time slots for stopping. -6:00PM Starting at 25 Battye Street Heckmondwike -Then onto Parker Street -Onto Cemetery Road -Turn left onto Long field Road, following into Chapel Lane -Right onto High Street, Continuing on A638 Stop (Main Parking in Town Centre)6:05PM-6:25PM -Right onto Greenside, Right onto Northgate, Loop back round onto Greenside -Right back onto Greenside -Continue onto Jeremy Lane -Right onto Claremont -Right onto Cemetery Road -Right onto Albion Street Stop 6:30PM-6:45PM (Main Car Park Next to Hamond Projects) -Right onto Jeremy Lane -Right onto Claremont -Left onto Brighton Street Stop (Near park on Brighton Street) -Right onto Dale Lane -Left onto White Lee Road (B6122) -Left onto Leeds Old Road (Stop outside School) -Left onto Nunroyd -Continue onto Jeremy Lane -Right onto Bridge Street -Continue onto to New N Road -Right onto Leeds Road (Past Hamond House Leeds Road) Stop 6:50-7:00 Outside (Leeds Road Nursery) -Right onto Alma Lane -Right onto Old Leeds Road -Straight onto Leeds Road (Six Lane Ends) -Continue on A62 -Left onto A638 -Left onto Bath Road -Right onto Cemetery Road -Continue onto Cemetery Road -Left onto Park Street -Left onto Upper Battye Street -7:10PM Return to Finishing Point Hamond House Day Nursery Battye Street

2 years ago