Santa's Route

Here is the route of Santa Journey and his time slots for stopping. -6:00PM Starting at 25 Battye Street Heckmondwike -Then onto Parker Street -Onto Cemetery Road -Turn left onto Long field Road, following into Chapel Lane -Right onto High Street, Continuing on A638 Stop (Main Parking in Town Centre)6:05PM-6:25PM -Right onto Greenside, Right onto Northgate, Loop back round onto Greenside -Right back onto Greenside -Continue onto Jeremy Lane -Right onto Claremont -Right onto Cemetery Road -Right onto Albion Street Stop 6:30PM-6:45PM (Main Car Park Next to Hamond Projects) -Right onto Jeremy Lane -Right onto Claremont -Left onto Brighton Street Stop (Near park on Brighton Street) -Right onto Dale Lane -Left onto White Lee Road (B6122) -Left onto Leeds Old Road (Stop outside School) -Left onto Nunroyd -Continue onto Jeremy Lane -Right onto Bridge Street -Continue onto to New N Road -Right onto Leeds Road (Past Hamond House Leeds Road) Stop 6:50-7:00 Outside (Leeds Road Nursery) -Right onto Alma Lane -Right onto Old Leeds Road -Straight onto Leeds Road (Six Lane Ends) -Continue on A62 -Left onto A638 -Left onto Bath Road -Right onto Cemetery Road -Continue onto Cemetery Road -Left onto Park Street -Left onto Upper Battye Street -7:10PM Return to Finishing Point Hamond House Day Nursery Battye Street

2 years ago